The essence of TRRA


We are creators of spaces, moments and stories. Guided by the highest aesthetic sense, we devise unique, intimate and elegant pieces. We accompany you every second, filling your life with details, warmth and trend.

We make each of our pieces by hand, aware that your wildest dreams rest on them.

The essence of our designs. The complicity of the materials. Your character in each object.

 trra ®: transcendent furniture for people with legacy.



In our quest to understand you and your spaces, that is, to ensure that our furniture stays with you, we have focused on three constants: design, innovation and materials.

We went from marble to pure woods, from high-gloss finishes to matte finishes, from continuing to set trends. With this philosophy we leave open the possibilities to ensure that each year you find new things and make them more yours.

Special projects

Thanks to the unequaled quality of our products, we attract the attention of the most important department stores in the country, such as Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool, creating special projects for them. Even for specialty furniture stores like Tutto Pelle, with sophisticated and impressive projects alike.

We manage a division specialized in contract projects, which require focused attention to a specific client, collaborating with architecture firms, interior designers and decorators throughout the country, in national and international private projects, as well as hotel chains such as NH Hotels , who chose us to set their most exclusive spaces.

Learn about our contract services here.


Recamara de madera elegante. Luna y bufetera de madera.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we have for you, leave us your details and join the TRRA family. We have a surprise waiting for you.