Frequently Asked Questions



 Delivery time?

Once the payment is authorized and the receipt is generated, the delivery time will be 30 business days. Days close to your delivery date, the sales team will notify you of the status of your order to manage the shipment.

How do I modify the delivery details if I had an error?

Contact our email sales executives  with the new shipping information, also giving the order number and name to which it was registered and making the change.

Can delivery times be reduced?

It will depend, you will have to communicate with our executives,  so they can evaluate your case and give you an answer.

Can I go through my order personally?

Yes, as long as you notify the sales team 2 days in advance and we can schedule the delivery, also take into account that it is to our address within Guadalajara.

Can I postpone my delivery?

YES, only to cause a storage charge, corresponding to 15% per month on the value of the order. Once the grace days have passed, the company is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the product by remaining in our warehouse.

Do you cover shipping?

Yes, if it is within the METROPOLITAN ZONE OF GUADALAJARA, for shipments outside the ZMG, TRRA has a good relationship with several freight companies, however, the freight company that the client chooses to receive their furniture is a subcontract, so TRRA It has no interference in costs, delivery times and / or delivery routes, nor is it responsible for any losses that the furniture may suffer during the transfer. If, for the convenience of the client, request extra service, TRRA will send 2 quotes from freight companies that you trust and can provide data on measurements and weight if the client requires it to quote independently.

Is the product protected?

Yes, all our product is delivered in a packaging that protects the product during its maneuvering and transportation.

What do I do if my product arrives in bad condition?

You will have to send us an email to within 72 hours after receiving your order. In the mail you must attach photographs that clearly show the damage to the piece. We will take care of offering you the best possible solution.


How do I make the payment?

The payments we accept can be by bank transfer or deposit, cash or direct payment on our website.

How to receive the invoice / CFDI of my purchase?

All our prices are without VAT, in case you require an invoice, the price is plus VAT, likewise in case of requesting it, contact with your tax data to generate your corresponding invoice.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we handle 3,6 and 9 months without interest with all the cards.

Do you handle special discounts for interior projects?

Yes, you will have to contact the sales team and they can evaluate the discount depending on the project.



Where are TRRA products made?

All TRRA products are designed and produced in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, we rely on the experience and intelligence of the workforce. Where our collections are made 100% by hand by our artisans.

Is it possible to request changes in the characteristics of the product?

Yes, as long as they are based on our designs, you will have to send us your request for modifications, by phone or by email. The design team will evaluate the relevance and viability of the required changes and, if approved, we will send you the corresponding quote.

Do you send physical samples?

At the moment we do not have shipments of physical samples, however, you can visit us at our offices or in our showroom, where you will find samples of all our materials.

What are the warranties for TRRA products?

  1. Without exception, all furniture marketed in They are meticulously inspected by the TRRA quality department, once released and packed they receive a seal that affirms the correct manufacture of the same.
  1. TRRA has a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects or hidden defects. As long as the parts have been used for the purposes for which they were manufactured. In order to be valid, the order number, name of the buyer and the defect that all this presents must be informed in writing, accompanied by photographs and it will have to be sent to the email COMUNICACION@TRRA.COM.MX
  1. Within 3 business days TRRA informs the client if it will repair or physically change the damaged furniture.
  1. The guarantee applies from the moment the customer receives it, so it is advisable to notify your sales executive in the event that the freight forwarder has delayed its delivery.
  1. Our guarantee does NOT cover: Damages caused by transportation and installers EXTERNAL TO THE COMPANY, by the product's exposure to the sun even indoors, by extreme temperatures, the presence of air conditioning that generates humidity and dryness. The tapestry that is delivered to the customer does not fall within the guarantee of TRRA products.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You will have to send an email to to request it within the first 3 days after purchase. Make sure you receive an answer to your email, since, in case of exceeding that time, we will not be able to make the cancellation and THERE WILL BE NO MONEY REFUND, this amount will remain as a favorable balance for future purchases with a validity of no more than 1 year.

Can I make any changes to the materials once the purchase is made?

Yes, you will have to contact us by mail or phone call in the first 5 days with the materials to be changed in case the material is for a higher price, we will inform you of the means to make the payment of the difference. This possibility only applies to the own materials of TRRA


How can I be your supplier?

We are always open to working with new companies. Send us an email with the information of your company and your products to